The Glow Story

Glow Philosophy came about by accident and I am so glad it did.  About ten years ago I made an appointment to see an aesthetician in Glasgow looking for a solution to my sensitive, dry but eruptive skin.  I'd tried everything on the market from drugstore buys to super luxe brands but nothing worked.   I was 35 with teenage skin! Little did I know, I am sensitive to synthetics, specifically in leave on products. 


I threw out all beauty products as instructed and started moisturizing my skin with pressed apricot oil.  To my amazement, I witnessed my skin clear up of its own accord within weeks.  


I became fascinated by natural plant oils, and so I started to research different oils and extracts in search of a blend that would leave my skin clear and glowing. 


Soon enough, I started getting questions about what I use on my skin and slowly women starting demanding my serum.  


Sensitive skin, dry skin, no time or budget to spend on complicated involved routines, this product really does solve these problems. 


I look forward to the chance to join you on your journey and encourage you to join up to our monthly newsletter that is all about a new you and a new Glow! 

The Glow Philosophy

Glow Philosophy isn't just another beauty product. It's a belief system that operates on the principle of simplicitiy, acceptance and honouring who you are.  


We believe that looking after our skin is not a beauty routine, but part of our health care.  

Growing up, I was convinced that in order to be confident and accepted, I needed to meet certain ideals.  Wearing makeup, going to a beauty salon every week, plucking this or waxing that was all part of a must-have routine to make me look "presentable". 


But as I grew older and moved into the mountains for a simpler more uncomplicated life, these ideals just didn't hold true any longer.  Maybe it's my age, or maybe it is a sign of the times as we move further into the 21st century and closer to acceptance and gratitude but I truly believe this notion of 7 (or whatever) products for this, that and the other is unnecessary for a lot of people.  


Choosing to forgo fussy routines for simplicity,  wearing our wrinkles with pride or even leaving the house without makeup (gasp) makes a lot of us feel uncomfortable and uneasy.  But really, what's the worst that can happen?

I'll tell you. Nothing.  

For us here at Glow Philosophy, we  believe in these simple principles;

Ageing in not a sin! So stop worrying.

Sleep above everything else is the most potently effective beauty tonic. 

Water over wine.  But a little wine doesn't hurt. 

Skincare should be as minimal as possible.


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Nadeen x