Biggest Skin Myths

1.  Skin falls into categories.  


It can be said that broadly speaking that some skins are more oily than others, and some are dryer than others.  I'm not sure about this t-zone thing however, since I have a dry epidermis with lots of blackheads. so am I dry or oily?  What product am I supposed to use? Rich cream makes me break out and stripping products are a veritable nightmare!   The reality is that skin is a living organ, predicted by DNA that changes and adapts to each phase of your life and the environment. Very few people have perfect skin and even those that do will go through periods of having skin troubles from time to time.  Most of us live with skin that can sometimes be dry, sometimes oily, sometimes congested. Everyone is different. 


2. You must use a different cream for day and night. 


No. This is just marketing. I have used the same serum day and night for years and I look fine!


3.  Pores open and close. 


No. They don't. They close, then return back to normal state.  You can't open your pores with a steam, what it does is soften the sebum a little so extractions can be done with less pressure and potential damage to the skin.  Personally, it isn't my thing as steaming can also cause broken capillaries. 


4.  You can get rid of blackheads by scrubbing them. 


Total myth.  You might reduce them temporarily, but the action of scrubbing them also disturbs the acid mantle on your skin exposing it to sensitivity and further irritation.  As your skin is a living organ your blackheads will just return - it's a battle that you are unlikely to win.  I have personally found blackheads to reduce in severity after eradicating synthetic leave on products, including makeup from my daily routine. This might be an avenue to explore. 

5.  You must exfoliate regularly. 


Carrying on from myth 4, exfoliating your skin isn't necessary. It actually makes things worse and traps you in what I like to call, the scrub/treat cycle. You scrub. It disrupts your skin. The skin reacts with outbreaks and scaly skin (protection).  You then treat with another product to calm it down. Which produces more blockage so you scrub again.....etc.   Your skin naturally exfoliates itself and the when you stop using exfoliants, you will find it adjusts to it's biological cycle and calms down.  The same can be said for masks too.  Every now and again is ok. Every week, not so much. 


6.  Never use soap on your face!


Rubbish. Says who?  Now ok bar soap isn't that convenient but I have used a very soft super fatted natural soap on my face for 6 years without issue. It's one I have been making myself for years and is available for pre-order in our shop.  As long as it is gentle and fragrance free, you will get great results with it.  To be honest, I often just use warm water to wash my face in the mornings. I only use soap or a gentle cleaners if I'm wearing makeup.  


7.  The sun is very bad for you. 


In large concentrated doses on a regular basis yes. It is.  But you do need a certain level of natural daylight for Vitamin D.  I'm not suggesting you go out in 40 deg heat covered in coconut oil. Do wear a sunscreen on your face, especially if you do a lot of outdoor sports.  But don't be obsessed by avoiding all sunlight.  You are going to age like it or not, so accept that and go for a stroll in the park. 


8.  DNA predicts your skin. 


Yes and no.  It does predict your skin type but you have some control over its appearance and health.  Good diet, lots of water, excellent quality sleep and simple nourishing skin care means you will always be the best version of yourself.  



9.  You can reduce lines and wrinkles with face cream.


I think of skin in two dimensions, the outer layer and the supporting structures.  Topical potions will help improve the texture and feel of the epidermis.  But lifting and plumping requires manual action of the supporting structures, these would include massage or electrical stimulation, botox or a face lift. 

10.  The Truth. 

The truth is, your skin has it's own excretion and renewal action and it doesn't need us interfering with it.


Part of the secret to the Glow Philosophy is learning to embrace who we are regardless of age and stop chasing rainbows.  Holding ourselves up to an ideal that has been digitally altered is bad for our confidence and creates a world that sees us spending way too much time worrying about things that are not really that important in the grand scheme of things.




Ageing is not a sin, so let's stop making it one.  


Love & light from the Glow Team. xx