Dry Skin.

I am passionate about using natural ingredients on my skin. And as much as I am drawn to glossy packaging and super-slick advertising, I stay strong and continue to exclusively use only my own serum.

If you've read my previous blog post titled 'The Day I Met Amanda', you will be aware of my journey into skincare and how one 30min appointment ten years ago changed my beauty world.

I know, from first-hand experience and the experience of other people I've helped along the way, that what you put on your face will have a direct impact on how your skin looks and feels. Our skin provides us with a semi-permeable barrier, which means the majority of what we put on it goes into our bodies, the rest stays on the surface. The composition of the formula that which remains on the skins surface can either serve to protect it or block it. Unfortunately, all of the leave on products I had tried left me with congested and eruptive skin which was unable to effectively detoxify itself - another of its key functions.

Additionally, the products that you put on your face are not only for the sake of protection, but nourishment as well and so in that respect it calls into play the quality of what you are using each day. Your skin naturally uses sebum for protection. Sebum is excreted from our pores and is a complex lipid composition of cholesterol, wax, glycerides, squalene, fatty acids, keratin plus other epithelial debris and it is the fat which forms the barrier and keeps our skin waterproof. However over time, the composition changes, and that's when we start to experience drier skin.

Dry skin is difficult to manage. My mother lives with terribly dry skin, but rarely breakouts and like most women her ages her solution was simply to apply thicker creams and more often. Sadly the result of this was blackheads and breakouts where none existed before. She also noted, she was spending more money on face creams than ever and yet her skin didn't really feel or look that much better. Basically the results were marginal.

The response to dry skin that doesn’t play nice should be to supplement the skins natural lipids, not suffocate it with synthetic emulsifications. Natural oils, when blended well, can help return softness to our skin, make it feel more comfortable and help it to look visibly smoother.

So if you are a skincare product junkie, changing over to a simplified routine by swapping out commercial products for a serum of carefully blended oils and extracts will not be an easy jump to make. However, if you are truly serious about getting your skin in better condition, I would highly recommend taking that first step and ordering our Marine Beauty Serum. I am so proud of this product because I know it works. I just wouldn’t put it on my face otherwise!

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