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Sam Toye

 IT Consultant 

& Mother of 3

This serum saved my life over the winter months! My normally dry parched skin stayed stayed soft quenched and moisturise rich all day. Even continued attack from central heating and cold windy elements! Stays on / last much longer than similarly priced products plus it's smells much nicer. A touch of deserved luxury in my life!

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Simone Clencie 

Interior Decorator

& Mother of 2

It's a little thicker than I am used to, but after w few uses it didn't bother me. I LOVE this serum.  It has made my skin smooth and soft. It's so great I've gotten rid of all the other products I used to have.  I have 2 kids and a business to run, so any time saver product is worth it's weight in gold to me. 


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Mike Judge

Global IT Service Director

& Skincare Enthusiast

I travel every week and live in a cold country, and I never go anywhere without my serum. The texture is perfect for me and it feels really luxurious on my skin. I think for the price, this product is a real bargain because the results are fab!   I got rid of all the other lotions and only use this one.  Morning and night.  Worth every penny!

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Image by Jonathan Cooper

About Us

Ageing is not a sin

It was the result of years of trying to find the perfect moisturiser that would keep my skin soft, but not clog my pores that this serum came about.

A last ditch attempt to address the problem led me to the wonderful world of cold pressed oils and the simplicity of more natural products.

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